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The best new year gift I gave to myself is finding this.

I love how Hayley said “Music is a place!” Genius.

And I’ll confess that I can be a little consumerist… bought some apps (GarageBand and Agenda for iOS. I don’t have much appointments and I can’t really make music) and games (CS:Source and Left 4 Dead 2). CS:S cost 74 roubles (about $2.5) in Steam. I don’t really like it (Quake Live is so much better!), but now I can play much more Garry’s Mod gamemodes.

Speaking of Valve, I wrote a short article about piracy with a quote from Gabe Newell.

Also, got the Zombie Chopper achievement in Half-Life 2. Damn, the elevator room was hard. And fun. And… I feel like I should do another epic NetHack run. Get ready for more mistakes :-)

Almost forgot – now I can get money w/ PayPal! For a long time, Russian users could only pay.

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