Date: 2011-12-01 07:20 pm (UTC)
rax: (I have the technology. I can evolve you.)
From: [personal profile] rax
Okay! I'm rusty on NetHack so check this with someone current, but assuming you're playing 3.4.3 this should all be accurate:

First, when you had Tyr angry, you should probably have made mollifying Tyr a high priority? Maybe you didn't get a chance because you were caught levitating immediately after, but if not, that would have been the thing to do.

Second, why were you wearing a ring of levitation when going up stairs? There's no chance of coming up into water, and you might want to go immediately back down; in general levitation is a sometimes intrinsic :)

I'm somewhat surprised you didn't have any means of removing curses on you --- scroll, holy water, something. No bag of holding, I guess?

The real error was listening to #nethack dropping all of your stuff. You never want to remove your options --- NetHack gives you all of the tools you need to win, but you don't want to drop them and stop using them. You could have just Orb of Fated immediately, and wandered around looking for a sink or fountains to dip in (can you dip when levitating?) and so on, although I would have headed slowly up in order to look carefully for sinks on every level. (Ideally you'd know if you saw a sink, but you might not remember/take notes that detailed.) If you really need to get a nymph to take it off for you, better to wait for one to be generated on a less dangerous level than the Castle! You don't need a weapon on D:5 really as a mid-to-late-game valk; you do at the Castle. The only way I might have done the Castle thing is if you could trap the nymph in a corner room on a cleared level, drop your things, enter the room, and then get the ring stolen and recover from there. Even then that's dangerous, and has the dropping the Orb of Fate problem... better to do something else if possible.

It's easy to say all of this reading about it after the fact, of course. :) Hopefully next time you will make it further! If you can get to the Castle you are most of the way there.
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