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I’ve been touch-typing for, like, 3 years. Maybe even more. I don’t know exacty because I never learned it. I just wasn’t looking at the keyboard and used many fingers to type. I only realized it about 2 years ago… when suddenly the lights went off and I was still typing on my laptop.

A year later, I somehow learned that touch-typing was also about using the correct fingers for letters. Downloaded TIPP10, started training a little. Damn, it wasn’t that easy.

It tured out QWERTY wasn’t intended to be easy. I knew it was created by marketers who wanted to show off how fast you can type the word “typewriter” using only the top row (why not home row?!) in collaboration with engineers who wanted to avoid sticking typebars. I also knew there was this weird Dvorak layout. I didn’t know about a better one.

[twitter.com profile] stevelosh once tweeted a link to Colemak. I was really impressed. 35x more words I can type using only the home row! 16x less row jumping! Many keys are the same, most importantly, zxcv (for shortcuts). Wow.

I’m going to learn this.

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