Jun. 2nd, 2013 10:18 pm
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I haven't posted here in more than a year… Why am I posting today?

Because I won Dungeon Crawl. And [personal profile] rax follows me here :-)

In other news:

Dreamwidth is not available from my ISP. But I have a VPN, because I wanted to use stuff like Rdio.

App.net is cool. Follow me there.
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Go Team Surtur! oh wait. How could I forget to teleport to the upstairs and engrave Elbereth? Damn, this game was awesome, I found the Frost Brand in bones! I also had a silver saber and damn everything. Last time Lord Surtur was very easy to kill (I guess a wand of cold helped a lot), so I just started to fight like a reckless dumbass → Do you want your posessions identified?…

also: made my journal design responsive, try resizing your browser window or open it on an iPhone :-)

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The best new year gift I gave to myself is finding this.

I love how Hayley said “Music is a place!” Genius.

And I’ll confess that I can be a little consumerist… bought some apps (GarageBand and Agenda for iOS. I don’t have much appointments and I can’t really make music) and games (CS:Source and Left 4 Dead 2). CS:S cost 74 roubles (about $2.5) in Steam. I don’t really like it (Quake Live is so much better!), but now I can play much more Garry’s Mod gamemodes.

Speaking of Valve, I wrote a short article about piracy with a quote from Gabe Newell.

Also, got the Zombie Chopper achievement in Half-Life 2. Damn, the elevator room was hard. And fun. And… I feel like I should do another epic NetHack run. Get ready for more mistakes :-)

Almost forgot – now I can get money w/ PayPal! For a long time, Russian users could only pay.

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I’ve been touch-typing for, like, 3 years. Maybe even more. I don’t know exacty because I never learned it. I just wasn’t looking at the keyboard and used many fingers to type. I only realized it about 2 years ago… when suddenly the lights went off and I was still typing on my laptop.

A year later, I somehow learned that touch-typing was also about using the correct fingers for letters. Downloaded TIPP10, started training a little. Damn, it wasn’t that easy.

It tured out QWERTY wasn’t intended to be easy. I knew it was created by marketers who wanted to show off how fast you can type the word “typewriter” using only the top row (why not home row?!) in collaboration with engineers who wanted to avoid sticking typebars. I also knew there was this weird Dvorak layout. I didn’t know about a better one.

[twitter.com profile] stevelosh once tweeted a link to Colemak. I was really impressed. 35x more words I can type using only the home row! 16x less row jumping! Many keys are the same, most importantly, zxcv (for shortcuts). Wow.

I’m going to learn this.

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Just finished my epic NetHack game. Let me call it “20 hours of mistakes”. No, not really, everything was good when I started. I decided to complete the Sokoban first, then go to the Gnomish mines, despite the usual advice “dwarven Valkyries should go to mines ASAP”. This decision was very good. After getting the amulet of reflection from Sokoban I went to the mines, managed to reach Mine’s End and got a luckstone. Then I found an opulent throne and wished for gray dragon scale mail, got to the quest, but didn’t have enough exp, went down, killed Medusa (actually, she killed herself, my amulet of reflection helped), got a potion of gain level, whoa, XL 14, went back, completed the quest, went to the castle…

The first epic mistake is the one I made just when entered (or at a previous level maybe) – nutrition status was Weak and I #prayed, but forgot about the timeout! Tyr became angry at me.

The second one is that I went upstairs and there was a master lich who summoned two mind flayers. The lich cursed my ring of levitation so I couldn’t remove it. Damn.

And the last one. I was levitating around the castle moat and a water nymph appeared. And stole my +5 Excalibur. Wow. She can steal the cursed ring! People on the #nethack IRC channel suggested dropping all the stuff so the nymph would steal the ring. Luckily, someone said that dropping the Orb of Fate is a bad idea. So… the nymph didn’t come. And I became hungry. Unable to pick up my food ration. And I #invoked my Orb of Fate to level teleport me. Wow. It was on a level with a sink. I love you, my little Orb of Fate! Good, let’s try finding food. Damn, a housecat. I’m without my armor and weapons. Invoke again. Boom, level 1. I’m fainting already. Tried to go to the nearest fountain. I had teleportitis. So I was teleported near a vampire bat.

The Valkyrie died with just two items. The Orb of Fate and a cursed ring of levitation.

She was a minimalist.


P.S. Thanks to everyone in the IRC channel! <3




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